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Monday, March 06, 2006

Total Opposites

They say that Labrador Retrievers have certain behaviors or characteristics which they are well known for. They are supposed to be great family pets, love children, high energy, and easily trained. This is why we chose this breed for our family. Ironically, just as identical twins could be as different as night and day, so could Labs. Our Labs happen to be full blood sisters from two different litters. Since they have the same dame and sire, you would think they are similar but, alas, they are opposites. Our gentle giant, Dakota, has been trained very well but is very stubborn and listens only when not distracted. Also, she has a small nervousness around small boys due to a couple of kids that tormented her when she was younger. On the other hand, Cheyenne has not trained as easily, is not stubborn and does things to please me, and is not nervous around any people or children.

Sure, they both have high energy levels and eat whatever you put in front of them. It is funny to me because I thought Dakota was always going to be my therapy dog and go to the hospitals with me but now it seems like Cheyenne may be better suited for it. Dakota seems more of an agility dog or dock dog. Who knows at this time. Since Dakota is over a year old, we have some decisions to make as to her next step of training. As for Cheyenne, we have some time to think about it - right now it is a time for us to collect information and see where the Lab path leads us.



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