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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Closeness in Dogs

It is amazing, that the less the girls have of doggie daycare, the closer they grow to each other. Our labs were going to daycare 3 days a week and then came down with kennel cough. So, they spent a week home while they were getting better and by the end of the week they were best of friends. Once they started daycare again on Monday, they Dakota started to get annoyed at Cheyenne once again. Either she wants to go outside or hide from Cheyenne's biting.

Yes, Cheyenne still bites but I have to admit that she is getting much better. She also isn't housebroken yet, which is quite annoying. Dakota was housebroken at 12 weeks old and Cheyenne is now 15 weeks and still having accidents in the house. Luckily, there has been no poop accidents but her ability to keep her bladder in check just isn't working as well. No, she doesn't have any problems with it - the vet said it can take 1-4 months after you bring a pup/dog home before they are housebroken. Gee! Great! Just what I wanted to hear! (laugh) Some days she is very good and other days it is one accident after another. And yes, she can physically hold it because she can go 5+ hours at night and 5+ hours during the day in her crate without a single accident. But, once she is out, forget-about-it! You would think that having a role model like Dakota would teach her about going potty outside but, unfortunately, Dakota wants outside every couple of minutes because she just loves hanging outside in the cold and on the tether. So, maybe Cheyenne thinks she should go out every couple of minutes too - I don't know. I just hope it ends soon so we don't have to keep a tight eye on her every minute when she is not in her crate.


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