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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Kennel Cough Again?

Yep, you heard correctly! Cheyenne has started to cough again. Not just a cleared the throat type of cough but a deep hacking cough that seems like she has a bone stuck in her throat. Dakota is fine and Cheyenne's energy level is high. Text book description - coughs mostly when excited or running around, no changes in energy level or eating, and so on. Luckily I had some left over cough medication from their most recent bout of kennel cough and she hasn't coughed since. So, it means that on Monday we get to spend another $85+ on medications for both Cheyenne and Dakota. Unfortunately, you have to treat all other dogs in the house as though they have it, even if there are no symptoms or else risk it getting bounced around. I don't think the lab brats will mind much since they get their pills wrapped in some American sliced cheese. When I say "Who wants cheese?", both girls come flying around the corner and I am lucky if they don't hip-check one of my knee caps in the process.

As for Cheyenne's housebreaking - well everything was going well until this morning. I put down the water bowl and left it down since she hadn't had an accident all week. Unfortunately, I was wrong to do so because she went and boy did she have to go. She had just gotten done drinking and couldn't make it all the way to the back door fast enough. So, I am going to have to limit her water again to just morning/noon/night and see how well she does. On the positive side though, she was able to last from 10pm to 5am last night without crying to go out and this morning she spent 5 hours in her crate while my husband and I ran errands, without a single accident. It is just like when people hear or touch water and run to the bathroom - except she is a pup.



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