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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Fast Asleep

Another day of doggie daycare and another day of two big lab girls falling fast asleep after arriving home. It was "give me water and feed me so I can go to sleep" night in our house and we are thankful for these moments of peace.

Cheyenne has lost a couple of her baby teeth - unfortunately none of them were those little vampire fangs she has been digging into everything. We know she is uncomfortable and that she is biting out of necessity but Dakota, most of all, can't wait for this to be over. On a good note though, she is now 16 weeks old and has been found to be laying in front of the back door - waiting for us to get our rear ends in gear and take her out to go potty. I don't want to say how many days it has been since her last accident because I don't want to curse the good fortune that has entered our home. Overall though, she is doing quite well and all biting aside - she is loved greatly.

Then there is the beast, otherwise known as Dakota. What can I say about her except she is our doll. She is a big mush and such a sweet girl. Sure, she gets into trouble every once in a while but she is an angel 99% of the time. Well, maybe she just seems like an angel compared to the little teething devil but I still love opening her crate in the morning, watching her stretch and turn her head up to me as her tail bangs on the wall. Her whole rear end comes alive when she wags her tails - a sight that compares to none.



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