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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Few More Days

Only a few more days left and our lab girls can go back to doggie daycare. Dakota seems well over the cold and Cheyenne is just starting to lose her cough. For a days it was nothing but stereo coughing fits but otherwise the girls were acting pretty normal. They still have a few days left of antibiotics before they are all clear and it makes me wonder whether or not they will be somewhat protected when they return. We have thought long and hard about having them return to daycare and we will at least let them use up the last of their bulk days before deciding if doggie daycare is truly worth it. Yes, they get worn out and are well socialized because of the daycare but it costs us a fortune to let them go there and then on top of it there are the colds they get from being in a small enclosed space and extra shots and vet exams. No, money isn't everything but their well being is more than worth it.


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