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Friday, February 17, 2006

Which one should we choose?

It was almost a week ago that we went to the local Pet Expo. Unfortunately, we couldn't bring the girls with us but there were so many rescue dogs that I wanted to bring home with us. From the Saint Bernards to the Siberian Huskies - I wanted them all. Alas, my husband wouldn't allow it and as he reminded me of how big our house is, it became clear that I cannot save them all. So, I turned my attention to the training booths to see what we can do with Dakota's overflowing energy.

Dakota has great stamina and even though she is an English Labrador Retriever, she can easily clear any gate we put up in the house at a complete stand still. My mind automatically turned to agility and course training but then there are the dock dogs - her leaping skills are second to none. Of course, this will not deter us from having both labs become therapy dogs and visiting the local hospitals with us. But, which one to choose - agility or dock dogs? Her focus is less than perfect on commands but she is still a puppy and has a lot to learn.

In the meantime, the little hunter (AKA Cheyenne) is starting to show the same abilities as her sister. It seems that even though the breeder insisted that this girl was going to take after the sire, and be a laid back sort of pup, the breeder was quite wrong. Both girls take instinctively after their dame, who is from a long line of hunting champions and is now a goose hunter herself.

I guess we will just have to go through the stacks of brochures to figure this one out. Dakota most definitely needs something to focus on instead of trying to sneak onto our bed when we aren't looking.


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