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Monday, February 27, 2006

Two labs and biting

I thought I would take my post to the Labrador Retriever board and post it here as it is a great update as to the ongoings in our house at the moment. *smile*

Cheyenne lost 3 of her puppy teeth this weekend and is a little biting monster. Mostly she is biting Dakota's legs as she is walking. We have given her the command of "no bite" and that works but only until we turn our backs. Poor Dakota wants to stay outside most of the time when Cheyenne is having a bad teething day and we feel so bad. We have given Cheyenne chilly bones, ice cubes (not too many), and other chewing items but when Dakota is around, she goes after her legs again (and sometimes the face and neck). It was funny the first couple of times but now we need help.Any advice, other than keeping them apart, in order to get Cheyenne to stop chomping on her sister? We don't want to separate them all the time because they do love each other and play well with each other during the not so bad puppy teething times... any advice? Anyone?

I have gotten a great amount of advice from the board such as using bitter apple on Dakota's legs but we didn't think Dakota would care for that when she was cleaning herself. (laugh) So, we have decided to deed those with a lot more knowledge about multiple dog households and just let them be. It seems that most big dogs will allow the little one to chomp on them while they are small and then once they are big enough they will finally tell the little one to knock it off. The most important part is to not interfere. Just have to keep repeating to myself that even though they are our children, they are dogs and have their own language. *wink*



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