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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Homebound Dogs

With the cold rushing into the cheese state, we decided that it was a day best spent indoors. We don't get to spend as much time with our pups as we would like so it was a treat to have the four of us home together. At first, we were a little nervous - thinking that our lab pups would be fired up with energy and bouncing off the walls. We were so wrong; they were really good and actually bonded more with each other. There were times that the girls actually cuddled with each other and it was the first time they have actually done this. Usually Cheyenne is running around after Dakota, biting at her ankles, and annoying the heck out of her. Dakota will usually try to find a quiet hiding spot and tell Cheyenne she is annoyed even if Cheyenne even looks at her. Today was not one of those days and it was a blessing.

When you have two young pups, there are days that they will get along and others where you wonder if you made the right decision to bring another one into your house. In the long run, having more than one dog per household is a good thing. The dogs keep each other company when you aren't at home, they play with each other, and they learn from each other. Yes, there are times where it can be hectic and after a bought of kennel cough, you start to question having two. But, I can honestly say, from our own experience that having two - a 27 lbs., 15-week old, and a 83 lbs., 1-year old Labrador Retrievers is well worth it!



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