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Monday, February 20, 2006

Housebreaking Trends

It seems that we are finally getting somewhere. I know I should knock on wood as I type this but I am going to say it anyway - Cheyenne has gone more than a couple of days without having an accident in the house. Could we finally be making some real progress? Could there finally be a light at the end of the tunnel? The vet said that it could take 1-4 months after the pup comes home before they are fully housebroken. Cheyenne is now almost 4 months old, which means we have had her with us for only 2 months. Well, that is enough time for me given that Dakota was housebroken right around 12 weeks old. We were amazed that Dakota was so easy to break of her bad bathroom habits and figured that it would have been as easy with Cheyenne. Alas, we were wrong and it has taken quite a bit longer.

Major piece of advice for those that are looking for a puppy: remember that taking a puppy into your home during the winter, especially when you live in the upper Midwest, you will have to take the puppy out every couple of hours - no matter how cold it is outside. Taking Murphy's Law into account, the puppy will most likely have to go potty in the middle of the night and in the middle of the ice storm. It seems that Murphy's Law loved our family during this puppy's housebreaking training and we are not sorry to see Mr. Murphy leave!



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