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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Accidents will happen

Four times in one morning! After days of not even one - she had to have four accidents in one morning. Yes, Cheyenne had a few accidents today. She made it to the back door area but all I had to do was sneeze and I would miss her entirely while she was going to the bathroom on the floor. By the time I would turn around, she was back in the living room, playing with her toys. Why? Well, I can't blame it all on her. First, I left the water bowl out for the whole morning because I thought we were over the hump. Then I kept her out of the crate longer while I was working from home. Again, this was because I thought we were over the hump. Heck, even one time when I was across the house, she sat by the back door and let out a whine. As soon as I heard it, I came running and we went out right away with lots of praise. So why then were there other accidents?

My husband seems to think that she may have a UTI. I don't think so since the vet said that it takes 1-4 months after you bring a pup home before it will be housebroken. We still have a couple of months to go but I just so wish this would end. She is awesome in her crate and can last almost 8 hours as long as she is crated but she has accidents when she is out. If she had a UTI, then she would have accidents in the crate as well. I understand that some are easy to train where others are not. I just pray it gets better because she so wants to please us.



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