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Friday, March 10, 2006

Eww - Wet Dogs!

It has been many years since I have lived on the beach. For 24 years, my house was never more than 1 block from the roaring waves and smell of salty air. Back then, I had a German Shepard named Smokey and he was like a brother to me. We used to go walking on the beach and when we would get home, dad would spray him down with the hose. Oh how I hated how he smelled after that and he would just be so excited from the beach that he would want to jump all over me - soaking wet and all!

The wet dog smell had escaped my senses for so long - until today. With the snow melting and the grass soaking wet, my the labs decided they wanted to play and wrestle in the mud. Oh joy! Just what I wanted - two soaking wet, muddy labs! Of course, it is too cold still in Wisconsin to break out the hose so I had to do the best I could with the towels. What? Why didn't I throw them in the tub?? Are you joking?? Dakota would love that! She swims in the bathtub until all the water is outside the bathtub. Last time it took 8 towels to clean up the mess she left in the bathroom! I am sure Cheyenne wouldn't have been that bad but Dakota was still around so, to me, it was still not a good idea. Nonetheless, the girls got dried off and as they entered the house, the smell seeped into everything. I had no choice but to crate the girls (since they were falling asleep anyway), opened all the windows I could, and lit a sweet smelling candle.

Did it work? Yes and no. Every once in a while, the wind blows from the back bedroom, where the girls are crated, passing the candle and heads straight for me. Hmm - new candle smell - maple sugar wet dog. (laugh)



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