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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Dog Training

So we have an accident here and there. Overall though, Cheyenne is doing very well and will only have her accidents by the back door. Yes, it was my fault once again since I wasn't paying attention and thought she was fast asleep in the other room. I told her it was bad (I don't punish) and she understood so well that the next time she had to go to the bathroom, she actually whined so that I wouldn't miss her. What a good girl she is and so smart! Can't put anything past her.

On the other side of the coin is Miss Dakota. She is definitely one spoiled girl and takes after her daddy very much. I have to laugh because if her water is left out too long, she refuses to drink it and will scratch on the dishwasher door for someone to come and fill it with fresh, cold water. She is definitely one of a kind. I have never seen any other dog communicate as well as she can. I just wish we could get her over her small nervousness around little boys and I am not sure how to go about it. If she doesn't get over it, then she wont be a good therapy dog and may even have a problem with any type of agility or dock dog competitions.

Speaking of which, no, we have not entered Dakota into any formal training at this time. It is tax season and let's just say that it was a little setback in the funds area for such things as dog training. That will happen though - just pushed off a little bit.



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