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Friday, March 17, 2006

Well Deserved Sleep & Drooling

Thank you doggie daycare! It was all due to the outstanding work of the staff that our girls were so tuckered out that Cheyenne slept through the night without an accident! Yes, I am going on with talking about Cheyenne's bathroom habits since that is the one thing that is plaguing us at this moment. We decreased the size of her crate and between that and being so tired, she didn't have any accidents.

With that said, we can talk about more enjoyable things - Labrador Retriever Drooling! (laugh) You would think that this beautiful dogs wouldn't have a drooling problem but, as my husband stated a day ago, "I think Dakota has a glandular problem." (laugh) No, she doesn't have any problems - she is a normal Lab. That is why we have three large indoor/outdoor mats surrounding the girls' bowls and keep a couple of old towels handy for when Dakota is done drinking water. It is like Niagara Falls! And she doesn't just drink, she scuba dives! Her whole nose and chin are submerged in the water and she comes up for air once every 5 licks from her bowl. Cheyenne is now starting to do the same thing but not as bad. She is a little more "refined" like I am, whereas Dakota takes after her dad.

If you think that is bad, try eating French fries around Dakota. Last night we actually had to take one of the towels and make it a bib! My husband brought home McDonald's and as we ate on the couch, Dakota sat there, with her Sad Sam eyes, and just drooled all over the place. We gave her a few but place it in front of her and tell her to "leave it" first so that she remembers to never snatch. so, she sat there, keeping a close eye on the French fry in front of her and drool pouring out of both side of her mouth. What a sight! Feeding her special food is always good for a good number of laughs and "ewwwws". Never a dull moment in our house - not with the girls around!



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