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Thursday, March 16, 2006

24-Hour Bug?

It seems Cheyenne is over her little episode of getting sick all over the place and was so hungry this morning that she was digging in her food bowl after just eating. You may think that is nothing but she was so loud and annoying that my husband had to put some kibble in her treat ball to keep her occupied and out of her metal, clanging, loud, food bowl. *smile*

She didn't have any accidents last night because we got up with her at 3am to let her out. When we took her out, she went and did her business and then it was right back into the crate without a fuss. From what someone told me on one of the Labrador Retriever online forums, some pups revert back to the before housebreaking routine and just need to be taught again. So, we have decided to see where this route takes us and get up once during the night to assist her in learning it all over again. I have to admit that it was great to see her comforter without any wet spots this morning. Let's hope it stays that way!

Now let's hope the girls are tuckered from their day at daycare when they get home tonight. It is snowing and we all know what a couple of lab puppies and some freshly fallen snow means!



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