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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Muddy Labs!

We are exhausted. The brats are fast asleep in their crates and I am not even sure they care that it is dinner time. Why? Today my husband had the bright idea to bring them to a dog park in the area and introduce them to the world of the outdoors and off a lease. Great idea! Just one thing - we forgot that the snow was melting! (laugh)

The girls loved it! They had no idea what was coming as we packed a back pack with a few toys, some water, and a couple of poop bags. Dakota knew something was up because we asked her if she wanted to go bye-bye while we were packing the bag. We got there and they smelled it - other dogs! Upon entering the park, we looked at each other and laughed - every path was mud and there were woods as far as the eyes could see. What have we gotten ourselves into? There was no turning back at this point - the girls were too excited to put back in the car so we looked at each other one more time and the leashes came off.

Dakota looked at me and cocked her head to the side - "What? Are you serious? I can run off the leash??" I smiled at her, raised my arm and threw it out to the side "Okay". Both girls flew off in front of us and to our surprise, we just said their names and they came right back to us. No problems with recall!

They met so many dogs along the way and poor Cheyenne decided she really liked this teen girl and wanted to share the mud all over her body with her. Poor girl never saw it coming. Sure, Dakota is trained not to jump but Cheyenne has some work to be done. Luckily the girl was already muddy from the paths and didn't care. Oh thank you God! So, up and down the hills we went with the girls by our side and stopping every time we saw another group of dogs to chat it up and smell some rear ends (the dogs, not us *laugh*). They ran and ran and I could swear that they thought they had died and gone to doggie heaven.

Put aside the load of mud on the girls, the amount of mud the got on daddy's seats (even though I covered it with a sheet), and the outdoor ice cold bath we had to give the girls (and the bath they gave us), it was a great day! We had so much fun and we will definitely go back - just when it is dry! (smile)



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