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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Sun Spots

Thank goodness for the sunlight that shines through yonder window! If it weren't for the heat it generates, the house would still be in chaos.

Dakota and Cheyenne decided that they were both the sassiest dogs in the house this morning and were play fighting all over the house. Chairs were pushed into different rooms, the diningroom table was pushed into the kitchen, and the girls were loving the fact that they were destroying my house! It was then that I noticed a peak of sunlight coming through a closed shade and I immediately ran to it and threw the shade open. Both girls stopped, looked at me, and immediately laid down in the sun spots on the livingroom floor.

An hour later and not a peep from either of my Labs. They are both sprawled out on the floor and enjoying the warmth of the sun. I know it wont be long until Cheyenne gets up, tongue hanging out of the side of her mouth, panting like she had just crossed the desert in Cairo, and begging for water. But, until then, I will enjoy my peace and quiet - for the sun will surely move to the western sky and take the sun spots with it before long.



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