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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Sleeping Brats

Yes, the girls are finally sleeping - sprawled out comfortably on our livingroom floor. With two walks and plenty of outside play in the freezing cold, these two have had a hectic day. Of course, that is nothing compared to what we, as Labrador Retriever owners, had to go through today with them. First, they do not understand why they need to wait for us to get our jackets on in order to bring them outside. They figure we have invisible fur and can easily walk outside without a care in the world. Second, I have yet to figure out if it is easier or more difficult to have a sick child or a sick dog. Dakota does not have kennel cough but she does have a cold. She has been hacking from time to time today and luckily the anti-vomit medication has kept all her food down. I had to get up early this morning to boil ground meat and cook up some rice so that the girls had a bland meal (per vet's orders). What fun! Lastly, can someone tell me why it takes 1-4 months after you bring home a new puppy before he or she gets fully housebroken?!?! Yes, Cheyenne is still having accidents. Granted, they are less frequent and she is getting better at holding it longer but still, it wasn't this difficult at all with Dakota. I know, dogs are different just like children are different. Each learns at its own pace and you need to treat each as an individual.

So, this may not be the same as having human children but it comes pretty close when you have labs. I love my girls and, alas, I would not give them up for anything. Well, maybe for a few weeks of being able to sleep a full 8 hours - just kidding!



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