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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Cheyenne Attacked!

It was our normal Saturday dog park outing and everything was going quite well considering the freezing cold temperatures. Not as many dogs as usual but we figured the girls would get their run on anyway.

As we were walking around the park, we happened upon this nice man who smiled and greeted us warmly. It was quite ironic cause his dog was anything but friendly. A snap here, a hump there, and lots of aggressive manners. Of course, we kept our distance during the walk until I turned to my husband and heard this distinctive hysterical puppy cry behind me. As I whipped around, all I could see was that nasty mean dog on top of a chocolate puppy - my chocolate puppy, Cheyenne! She submitted to him with a roll onto her back but that didn't seem quite enough for this doberman looking dog cause he thrashed her around and wouldn't let her get up.

My heart jumped as I ran to save my baby - my husband by my side! It saw me coming and ready to do anything I had to in order to get him off her so he ran away. We grabbed Cheyenne and immediately started to check for any signs of injury. We were very blessed cause she was more scared than anything else. Not a single injury was found as the owner came over to us to make sure she was okay.

Funny though cause after he apologized, other people in the park told us how he comes there every week and how his dog "Gilmore" has the same incident happen every week as well. Needless to say, this made me livid. The one thing I can't stand is a dog owner that knows they have an aggressive dog and continues to take them to a park that lists the first rule as "No Aggressive Dogs Allowed".

So, my dear friends - if you venture to the Runway Dog Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and see a olive green Jeep with a hippie smiley face tire cover on the back, watch your dogs! It will come with a man that seems very nice and one highly aggressive and dangerous black and tan, doberman-looking, male dog named Gilmore!

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