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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Party Labrador Style

Ever have a puppy that you think is made up of 99% energy? Every time I look at Cheyenne, I always think she is just about to burst with the amount of energy and excitement she has. Coming home from a long day at work is like entering an instant Labrador party. Dakota greets us with not only her tail wagging but the whole lower half of her wags as well. Soon, I figure, she is going to hit her rear end into her head. The weight of her tail makes you jump for clearance or else be dealt new bruises from this wagging weapon. Cheyenne, on the other hand, just can't keep her excitement bottled up. She not only greets us with a wagging tail but will jump in place and grab her fleece tug toy. No, she does not grab the tug toy to play tug with us, she shows it to us to let us know how excited she is. If we try to tug on it, she drops it instantly. You can't help but laugh because she never drops her tug. However, when the tails are in motion and the excitement is high, there is no need for party favors such as tug toys. Now if the clock would just start ticking faster so I can get home and join the Lab party!



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