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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Just Too Cold!

I swear we have the ying and yang of Labrador Retrievers. Dakota loves it to be sunny an mild - around 70 degree would be perfect. On the other hand is Cheyenne - who loves when it is 10 degrees outside and snowing a blizzard! So where does that leave us? With two very depressed dogs at this moment.

Yes, it is cold and snowy out, so Cheyenne would be in heaven. However, there is a wind chill of negative 6 (-6) degrees out and just way too cold for either us humans or Dakota to put our bodies outside. Alas, Cheyenne is depressed because no one wants to go outside and play with her and Dakota is depressed cause she misses the warmer weather. (I swear, if Dakota could get any closer to the heating vents right now, she would be IN them!)

And the weather man says it is supposed to get even colder in the next few days! If we keep this up, the girls will have so much energy by spring time that they will be walking on the ceilings!



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