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Friday, February 16, 2007

But I'm a Good Girl!

"But I'm a good girl, mommy! Why can't you see that? I promise to continue being a good girl if you will play with me." says Cheyenne's eyes as she looks up at me, in a sitting position, with her tug toy in her mouth. She doesn't understand that I am working from home once again and that the key word is "working". Usually, the Lab Brats are patient until 3:30pm roles around and I am off the clock. Unfortunately, the severely cold (-30F) wind chills in our area have us staying indoors most of the time and unable to burn off much of that Lab puppy energy.

Normally, we would resort to food games and some gentle game of fetch down our long hallway. Alas, the food games have stopped because they cannot equally balance out their outside exercise with the extra calories. The games of fetch get old and boring after the first few times and now the pups want us to help them burn off that energy. Hibernating bears we have not!

My heart melts as I look into those beautiful eyes once more and scratch her chest. She does not understand how we humans cannot just run outside, bury our faces in the snow, and let our naked bellies lay against the white fluff of snow as they can and love. We must resort to 3 layers of clothing, ear muffs, face masks, and gloves even the smallest of air particles cannot get through. Tomorrow we will venture through the rough winds and blistering cold just to have your pads touch doggie heaven at the dog park. Until then, please stop staring at me with that wagging tail and toy in tow because you are making my heart melt all over my keyboard.



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