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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Winter Energy

With the holidays, the last few weeks have been hectic around our home. We were able to get through the holidays without any vet visits due to Cheyenne consuming something she shouldn't, which made us extremely happy. The lack of vet visits allows us to be able to enjoy time with our two chocolate pups and give them all the love and attention they need. Of course, with the cold weather, energy levels in our house have been at all all-time high. Dakota is obsessive compulsive with their new stuffed Christmas toys. The poor duck and hedge hog stood no chance once the girls found that they quack and make a hedge hog type noise. Now, Dakota sits by the top of the staff, wanting to venture down into the rec room where we have hidden the poor creatures from her huge drooling mouth. Unfortunately, we are unable to keep her busy otherwise because it is just too cold outside to draw her attention to a ball or Frisbee. So, we have broken down and signed the brats up for doggy daycare once again for once a week. Although they are on the list and it could take some time to get them into the daycare, it is well worth the wait in order to get that Labrador energy out of them during the colder months. I just pray that our house is not, once again, flooded by kennel cough and unnecessary vaccinations. Only time will tell but at least for now we have a light at the end of the Lab energy tunnel!



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