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Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Few Days Home

After an unfortunate health problem on Monday, I have been bound to my house until my health returns to normal. I have been blessed with the opportunity to work from home and some people think it is such a great thing. However, these are the same people that don't have Labrador Retrievers.

Dakota and Cheyenne have instantly taken to mommy being home and Cheyenne thinks I should sit on the floor with her and let her lay her head on my laptop keyboard. Dakota, on the other hand, verbalizes her enthusiasm in the form of "Mommy is home! Let's play!"

Needless to say, sometimes it is easier to work in the office. Yet again... no one at the office greets me with Cheyenne's smile or Dakota's happy butt wiggling. Although, if someone wagged their butt in the office, I am sure it would make for a good laugh. Either way, I much rather these positive influences on my life then all the negativity that exists in the office. We should really have a "Bring your dog to work day" each week. I know my Lab Brats would easily flush out all the negativity in that building!



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