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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Vacation during vacation!

We returned home to our happy pups on Sunday and released them from their crates only to have them walk past us and look around the house for something. Seems they were looking for our house/pup sitter and were only slightly happy at the sight of our return.

Later that evening, our house/pup sitter and her mom came by our house. The Lab Brats went crazy and didn't listen to a command we gave them. As soon as they came in, the house/pup sitter sat on the floor and the girls just started to play bitey-face around her. This is a sign that they are truly happy and she was hugging all over them and telling us about the great time they all had. Even her mom (my aunt by marriage) was telling me how she would get on the floor with them and play games with the blanket. No wonder the dogs had a blast - all the attention was on them all weekend! Sure, we do things with the pups but we don't shower them in attention every second of the day...

Now we are getting distinct looks from both the girls begging us to go on vacation once again. Gee - can't you just feel the love?!? *laugh*



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