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Friday, September 22, 2006

Little Sneak

So far there is only one ball that Dakota cannot chew up in 30 seconds and she hardly plays with it. Handballs seem to be good for some Labs and that is why I gave each pup a hand ball in this doggie bag during the Lab Fest last weekend. Even though our neighbor doesn't have any Labs (she has two golden retrievers), I gave her a couple of gifts bags as well.

Where is this going? Well, it is to highlight what a sneak Dakota can be at times. She knows she can't have those balls and while I was cleaning up our backyard yesterday, I saw something blue in her mouth. It was one of the handballs! For the life of me, I couldn't figure out where it came from but knew it wasn't hers. She noticed right away that mommy was staring at her and started to dart off in the opposite direction. Finally, I got her to give it to me and put it away in the garage. As it turns out, the little sneak put her mouth under our gate and stole the neighbors ball I had given them not even a week ago! Lucky for them, I took it away before one of her giant fangs punctured it and Harley (the golden retriever pup) got his ball back safe and sound.

The motto here is: "A Labrador Retriever will put ANYTHING in its mouth to chew on - and if it can't find something, it will steal something from the neighbor!"



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