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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

4 Day withdrawal!

I hate doing this! Last time they didn't even recognize us and it took them about 10 minutes before they started getting happy to see us. Yep - we are leaving our pups for a few days and although I much need a vacation, being without our Labs is difficult. Why? Well, simply for the fact that these are our children and they make us smile every single day no matter how gloomy the weather is or how bad of a day we are having.

So, for the last several days, I have been getting us ready to go out of town for a wedding. Since my husband is standing up in it, we have to be there a couple of days early. That means our beautiful girls will be having company for a few days - our 21-year old cousin. We are blessed to have family that will come and dog sit our girls while we are gone. She actually lives in our house for the entire time we are on vacation and the Lab Brats don't have to go through any type of separation anxiety by leaving the comfort of their own home. Needless to say, it worked out perfectly back in April when we left for a 4-day Florida vacation - so well that the girls greeted us with barks rather than kisses... Maybe if we bring some special doggy cookies, we will get kisses sooner this time! One could always hope!

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