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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Milwaukee LabFest 2006

What do you get when you combine 6 families and over 10 Labrador Retrievers? One heck of a party! What a party it was! Yesterday we hosted the Milwaukee LabFest 2006 and got a group of people together from as far south as Chicago and West as Madison to join us for a fun filled day of Lab energy and fun!

At 12:00 noon, we started off in the Granville Dog Park. This is an off-leash park with a nice size river and loads of trees. All the families met there and let the dogs go wild. For over 2 hours, the Labs played ball, ran after each other, mud wrestled, and just have some great dog fun. Us humans stood on the sideline and looked like we had gone off-roading with our clothes since the Lab pups would run onto the bank, shake all the mud and water onto us, and then head back into the river for some more!

Labs Playing in River
After 2 hours, we all headed back to our house for some doggie cool-down time. The pups got loads of treats and we had ourselves one heck of a BBQ. It was great fun - talking about our world online and offline. We had truly made friends and there was no shortage of laughs. Dakota and Cheyenne didn't know what to do with themselves. Sure, they loved the park, but never expected 10 Labrador Retrievers to show up at their home shortly after. They walked around, played, ate, and ran some more. When everyone headed home, Dakota and Cheyenne weren't the only ones to crash - we humans took a much needed nap as well and dreamed about the next LabFest.

Want to see more pictures of the Milwaukee LabFest 2006? Well then click here and have fun!



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