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Friday, March 31, 2006

The Long Tongue of the Lab

It is amazing how two Labrador Retrievers, from the same bloodline but different litters can be so similar and yet so different physically. One of our girls loves to drink water and, if given the chance, she would drink it 24/7! So when she has gone more than 1 hour without water, Cheyenne will start to pant. Now I don't mean the little bit of panting most dogs do, I mean the tongue hanging out of the mouth and walking around as though she had just traveled through the desert for 40 days without so much as a sip of water.

It is hysterical to watch her because her tongue is quite long and it is slender. So, picture it is you may, a small 40 lbs chocolate Lab puppy, walking around panting, with twice the length of a normal dog tongue hanging from her mouth. And to think, it hasn't been above 30 degrees outside yet and she is like this. We could only image what the summer will be like!

Even though her tongue is quite long, she is healthy and there is no reason to seek a vet's advice for this. Simply stated, as long as she can do the following, her health is not at risk:
  • Eat normal - without obstruction
  • Drink normal
  • Pant to cool off
  • Close her mouth

Also, we are keeping on eye on her to make sure she doesn't bite her tongue and there are no sores on it. We also brush her tongue when we do their monthly teeth brushing. As long as we are responsible and keep an eye on it, there is no need for concern. Anyway - it part of our daily laughter and without it, well, Cheyenne just wouldn't be Cheyenne.


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