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Monday, January 30, 2006

Love Doggie Daycare!

As my fingers type this blog entry, I have over 100lbs of labs snoring away on my livingroom floor. Can I just tell you how much I love doggie daycare??? Today was Cheyenne's first day and we have her set up to go on Monday-Wednesday-Friday with her big sister, Dakota. When I came to get them tonight, Dakota greeted me as her normally cheerful self but there was no Cheyenne. My baby! What happened to my baby??? The daycare worker smiled and said that someone was trying to crawl into the crate now to fetch the wee 12-week old lab pup. It seems that she was so exhausted that she found the most secluded spot in the way back of a large crate to fall asleep. It took about 5 minutes to finally get her out of there and one-by-one, the daycare workers handed her off to each other in what seemed to be a fire-line. All you could hear were "awws" and cooing as she made it to the door where I was standing with her big sister. Once she was safely in the back seat of the car, she laid down and took over the entire seat to sleep while I drove home. My poor 85 lbs Dakota was forced to try and squeeze onto the floor of my 2000 Saturn sedan. It was quite amusing to say the least.

But now, my girls are fast asleep and all is quite. Needless to say, my husband and I are enjoying the peace in our house while it lasts!




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