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Saturday, January 14, 2006

80 lbs Verses 13 lbs

It is so amusing to watch the girls play wrestle. The first contender weighs in at 81 lbs while the opponent weighs in at a mere 13 lbs. Your would think that Dakota would have a large advantage over Cheyenne but as I sit here typing this blog, Dakota is sprawled out on her back with Cheyenne's sharp and hound-of-hell-like shark teeth exposed. That is not saying that Dakota just sits back and takes it but Dakota's weaknesses are Cheyenne's strengths and vise-versa.

And there off - Cheyenne flying over Dakota with shark like precision as Dakota lunges her heavy paw down on her little sister - squashing her in one swipe. And what is this? Cheyenne takes off under the table - just out of Dakota's reach. (Yeah, eat it up while you can, Cheyenne! You will be as big as Dakota one day!) And here it comes, Cheyenne lunges from under the table and their off around the kitchen, dining room, and living room - Dakota tailing Cheyenne and over-taking her just around the bend.

Why don't we stop them? Because we aren't stupid! The more they entertain each other, the more they wear each other out, the more they leave us alone and the easier they fall asleep tonight. Heck, they are Labrador Retrievers - let them wear each other out!



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