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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Day of Reckoning

I know I have said it before and I will say it again - know the pack order! So often we get caught up with the fact that these are our babies and hence we treat them like such. If they were human children, we would still have to lay down boundaries and scold them when they are bad - if not for their own safety. Well, having both labs with me yesterday made me realize that order was needed. So, last night I spoke with my husband and explained what I thought we were doing right and wrong.

This morning, I woke up early, took a shower, and got dressed all before the pups and husband were awake. I have to admit that I was compelled to let at least Dakota out of her crate when I first woke up but that would have put her before me. So, after I got ready, I let Dakota out of her crate, we woke up my husband and Cheyenne, and then I took the girls out (each on their own) to go to the bathroom. Usually, when they come back in, they get breakfast right away. Well, my friends, not today! I was driven to put my husband and I first so I started to prepare my own breakfast while both girls cried a bit (especially the baby, Cheyenne) and then sat at the table and ate. Within a couple of minutes, the girls figured out that I come first and so they decided to play amongst themselves (of course, knocking the table I was eating at into other rooms) and I paid no attention to them as I ate and read from my book. After I was done, they got their vitamins (beef flavored) and got fed.

It was amazing how quickly they picked up on the fact that I was eating first and did not dare bother me while I was eating. That is because I instilled the pack order - I am alpha in this house (yes, even above my husband) and you don't want to mess with the momma of the pack when she is busy. Yesterday was the day of enlightenment for things will change in this house in order to get both of my chocolate Labs to behave and get the little one potty trained.



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