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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Lazy Sunday

Well, it finally happened! With both my husband and I exhausted beyond measure, the girls finally took a long Sunday afternoon nap - at the same time! Cheyenne went out for a couple of hours which allowed us to finally have some downtime. For the first time, we didn't have to keep an eye on her and get up every hour to rush her outside to go potty! Does this mean that our lives have finally gotten easier with having both a 10-month old and a 10-week old chocolate Labrador Retriever? No way! We still have a few months until we could comfortably take a nap without keeping our ears open for the clanging of her tags to alert us that the little one is on the move.

It may be because we had guests last night but I think it is because we actually spent quality one-on-one time with the girls this weekend. Two walks yesterday, two backyard stick and ball playing sessions, and running around the house. The girls were just plain tuckered out and we were as well. Finally though, we felt like a family rather than two human beings trying to keep up with a 13 lbs poop factory that loves chewing on my dining room set and a 81 lbs jealous older sister that tries to climb on our lap for attention and drools all over our floors just despite us. For those couple of hours though - it was heavenly!



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