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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A Day Late

Of course, the blog site was down last night so I couldn't announce Cheyenne's first day without going to the bathroom in the house. We were so excited! Two weeks that she has been with us and at 10 weeks old, she finally had a successful day.

Unfortunately, it was only one day as of about 15 minutes ago when she got so excited about playing with her sister, Dakota, that she stopped in the middle of playing and just peed on the livingroom carpet. Of course, I stopped her by a sharp clap of my hands with an even sharper "NO!". This gets her attention so that she stops immediately and gives me a few seconds to get her to the back door. She finished outside and was praised immediately for her going outside rather than inside.

Even though it was short-lived, it means that we are on the path to success. As with anything, housebreaking a puppy takes time. She has learned, for the most part, that going to the back door means she has to go potty and she was even great last night in her crate as she did not wake us once to go potty but, instead, we woke her up at 12am and 3am to take a quick potty break and then back to bed. This meant that my husband and I were able to get some much needed sleep, which we are not complaining about at all!

Oh how we look forward to the day when both our labs are fully housebroken and we can get back to a normal life. It is that hope for the future that gets us through the rough times of having two young pups at once. Well, that, and the fact that we love them both more with each passing day!



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