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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Two for the price of one

No, I am not selling our chocolate labs - the thought didn't even cross my mind as my ear rings from the constant bellow of our 10-month old lab, Dakota. She just wont stop barking at noises that don't exist. Even our 9-week old puppy is trying to ignore the siren of barks as she takes a nap at my feet but cannot ignore her older sister as she grabs Cheyenne's puppy bone and walks away with it.

So, what does the title of this post mean? Well I have both of the girls today and between them and telecommuting to work today, I am exhausted! Cheyenne is far from housebroken and will even stare at you as she stops dead center in the livingroom and squats. Dakota wants everything Cheyenne has and then they instigate a play fight which pushes our diningroom into our livingroom or kitchen - yes, they actually move the table with Dakota's 80 lbs of weight being used in these play times while Cheyenne hides under the table (cause she is still small enough) so that she can nip at Dakota but Dakota can't get her.

It is a never-ending process that has its rewards when the dogs are finally trained. As they say, the journey is worth it when you know what is at the end of the journey - it is that end result that keeps me going and smiling at the girls - even when Cheyenne is trying to eat a couch pillow and Dakota climbs up on the couch so that she can spy on the neighbors. At least I get the bed tonight while the husband gets the lumpy couch. (smile)



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