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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Small Scare

This is the last Thursday that both girls will be home with me alone for the entire day while I am working from home. Starting on Monday, Cheyenne will be going to doggie daycare with her sister three days a week and on those days that they don't go, they will be crated for half a day (I will come home at noon and work the rest of the day at home). So, I took a longer lunch break than usual and took the girls out in the backyard for over an hour while I cleaned up the frozen poop. Everything went well and the girls were exhausted when we came back inside. Naps for all good labs and then outside again. This time, things were different.

With Cheyenne on a leash and Dakota on a lead connected to the house, I thought everything was going well. All of a sudden, Dakota looked like she was going to pee when she stopped, ran to the other side of the yard and started to squat again. She then stopped again, ran to another side of the yard and so on. This went on for many seconds and I laughed; thinking she just couldn't find "the right spot". My gaze went back on Cheyenne to tell her "good girl" as she went potty and then all of a sudden I heard something strange. When I looked at Dakota, her mouth was dripping in foam and she was looking at me a little shaken. I tied Cheyenne's leash to the house and ran over to Dakota. She threw up what looked like saliva - nothing more. I dashed into the house, got some paper towel and went outside to clean up her face and take a closer look. Nothing - just a good cup of clean liquid.

Needless to say, this was a bit of a scare. I decided that it was best to kennel Dakota up in her crate so that she can rest on her big comfy pillow bed because she may have eaten something that didn't agree with her or she was nervous about something. She has been asleep now for over 1.5 hours (as well as Cheyenne in her own crate) and no other incident has occurred. Of course, I have been checking on her to make sure she is okay but it could have just been her nerves. I have to admit that this lab mommy will be keeping a close eye on her big 80 lbs baby for the rest of the night.



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