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Monday, July 21, 2008

Cheesy Medicine Tip

Giving Dog Pill Cartoon
We get so many people that write ask - telling us how much they love our "tricks" to getting our Labs to do what we want. So, here is another one that works for us.

Every morning the Lab Brats are given a Proin 50 pill to help with bladder problems (caused by spaying sometimes). The problem is that Cheyenne will eagerly take the beef smelling pill but Dakota knows better - she knows it is medicine.

Our trick is simple. Every week when we go to the grocery store, we buy the no-frills processed sliced cheese for the dogs. A pack of 16 slices lasts 32 days for the 2 dogs.

We simply divide the slice into 4 pieces and wrap a pill up in a quarter of the original slice. Of course, with Dakota being so smart and all, we have to make sure to wrap it entirely in the cheese or she will find some way to get the cheese and spit out the pill. (Kind of like those people that can tie a cherry stem in their mouth)

The great thing is that they look forward to it and Dakota even drools all over the floor as she waits for me to wrap her pill in the cheese. Just call out "Who wants medicine?" in our house and the dogs come flying. No need for me to put my hand into the vortex formally known as Dakota's huge throat. Just a nice and pleasant way to give our Labradors their medication and they love it!

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Blogger Bart said...

Cool blog -- I have 2 yr. old male choc. Lab who is also on Proin as he had started leaking urine after he was neutered. It's a lot more common with females but happens sometimes with males too. I just toss the pill into his food and he always eats it. But for other meds I use these "pill pocket" treats which work great ...

July 21, 2008 5:20 PM  
Anonymous JBH said...

My wife and I have started buying the small cubed cheese. It is really easy to stick the medicine into the middle while the rest of it stays intact. Our lab loves it!

July 21, 2008 7:50 PM  
Anonymous Tannya said...

Lambert recently was ill as I told you before and he was put on a med for gastritis. First, the size of the pill would have me gag so I wondered how I was going to get him to take it. When we feed him we put a little water in his food dish. No special reason why so I figured try to put the med in the dish with the food and see what he does. He either found it and is stashing them somewhere or he really did eat them liked I hope. Of course this is a lab that when he was on amoxicillian he pratically ate the med dropper with the med. The cheese thing works great too! Say Hi to the girls.

July 21, 2008 8:05 PM  

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