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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Watermelon Beats Anything

Chocolate Lab waiting for Watermelon: Dakota
I was totally ignored this morning!

While the Lab Brats Daddy made his lunch, Dakota and Cheyenne stayed tight to his side. The poor man could not move left or right for fear of tripping over the two chocolate masses at his feet - or worse - slipping in the pile of fresh drool.

Being the nice Lab Mommy that I am, I decided to give the girls their medicine. Of course, Dakota is too smart for medicine so we purchase cheap sliced processed cheese and use a small portion of the slice to wrap around her pill. This works so well that as the words "Who wants cheese?" escape our lips, the Lab Brats are planted squarely in front of us in a pretty sitting pose.

This morning, however, it was different.

They saw the cheese, they heard me ask who wanted some, and yet I was totally ignored. Their daddy was dividing up watermelon into his rubber container and if their eyes even looked away for one second, they would surely lose their prize.

Funny how he had to tell them to go to me for some cheese before they even realized I was even alive.

Quickly they dashed over, grabbing the pill wrapped cheese gently (but quickly) from my fingers, and dashing back to their daddy before he could even take another breath.

It seems that watermelon in our house reins supreme over their own mommy, daddy, or smelly processed cheese. Maybe I should let the watermelon do the training in our house. *laugh*



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