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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Comical Dogs

Kitchen Beggars Dakota & Cheyenne Feb 2006
So often I speak of how our Lab Brats make us laugh. Sometimes I wonder if they perform a comical act just to get something in return.

While making last night's dinner, the Lab Brats were once again at my feet as they don't seem to understand the necessity of personal space around open flames. *laugh* In order to finish up the meal (protecting myself from tripping over a brown pile of mush and burning myself on the stove) I was forced to let them outside.

The food was done and I brought my own plate of food to the other side of the kitchen and let the Lab Brats were let back in... and then it happened... Dakota stood between the stove and the table with my plate and threw her nose up into the air. Back and forth her head waved as though she were trying to put on her best Stevie Wonder impersonation. *laugh*

What scent to follow? The one on the stove or the one on the table. Back and forth her head went while sniffing the air... undecided of which path to choose. Which path to take to the fish and chicken smell? Which would lead her to the prize she so desperately was seeking?

A minute passed when Cheyenne came prancing in and stopped dead behind Dakota. "What is this?!?" Her head flew into the air as she sniffed in the same Stevie Wonder fashion while the Lab Brats Daddy and I laughed ourselves to death. Tears streamed from my eyes as they continued this back and forth motion without truly being able to decide which way to go.

Needless to say, this sisterly comic act earned them some leftover brown rice with just a tad bit of the fish & chicken sauce (after we were done eating). I truly think this was their plan from the minute they put their noses to the air. Make mommy and daddy laugh so hard that they will have to pay us in food. What clowns!



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