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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Touch of Grey

Chocolate Lab Dakota @ 7 weeks old
Life seems to be more special when you introduce a mix of Labrador Retrievers into your already busy schedule. They not only love you unconditionally but add a sense of well being and balance to lives that are filled with technology, noise, and stress.

It is those moments, when you realize that your Lab is getting older that you truly start to appreciate the positive effect they have on your life.

Yesterday was that day for me.

Upon my normal regiment of wiping Dakota's chin from her water bowl slobber, I noticed that no matter how much I rubbed, the glistening on her chin was not going away. Upon closer observation, I smiled slightly while looking into her big beautiful topaz eyes. Our girl has officially hit middle age at the tender age of just 3.5 years old. Dakota, indeed, is starting to get a small collection of silver-grey hairs under her chin.

Immediately I called the Lab Brats Daddy at work and broke the news to him. His precious 80 lbs mushy laid-back puppy had her first signs of getting old.

Does that mean that her life is over? Of course not! Unlike us humans, dogs don't let a little change in fur color tell them how old to behave or how much life they have. Dakota is still a very big energetic puppy and a huge part of our family. We will not make changes to get life just because of a little grey but rather the grey on her chin now serves as a reminder of how precious she is in our lives and how enriched our lives are every day because of her. Sure, she may be getting older but even when she is 20 years old, she will always be our "little" puppy.

(Now where is that brown hair dye? *wink*)



Anonymous angie goff said...

ha ha love the "dye" idea!

This post makes me so sad. I often tell my husband that I don't know what I'll do if Atticus dies. He always says "don't say that!". But it haunts me. When I'm laying on his belly and I can hear his heartbeat I realize how precious this little life is. He'll be three this fall.... sniff...

July 01, 2008 8:45 AM  
Blogger Shannon said...

My post didn't mean to make anyone sad but I can truly understand how you feel. Coming to terms with the fact that a dog's life is too short to us humans is just part of the experience of owning dogs. It is the time we have... making the most of it... that means the most.

So when you have those thoughts, I recommend you turn your mind to the silly things he does and how he brings joy to your life. That is what I do with my Lab Brats.

This morning I heard strange noises coming from the living room and there was Dakota doing the "dead cockroach dance" on her back in her sunspots. In that moment, I couldn't help but laugh. That moment is one of a million to cherish. :)

July 01, 2008 9:08 AM  

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