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Monday, October 08, 2007

Talking Lab Brats

Talk about interrupting the class! When kids are in class, they are supposed to remain quiet while the teacher talks and talking to other classmates is a big no-no. What about when your sibling is in the same class and you just can't stand the thought of not being next to them?

Welcome Dakota and Cheyenne to the Milwaukee Dog Training Club! Our first day was yesterday morning and lasted 1.5 hours outside in the humid and warm air. Sure, the Lab Brats have been to training before but it was always inside a classroom. Get outside and they get selective hearing. So, we decided to get them involved in more extensive obedience training where the distractions were plenty! The biggest distraction was the fact that we decided to keep the girls at opposite ends of the training line so that they paid attention to us rather than each other.

Training was a bit more difficult because of the outdoors distractions of birds, other training classes, and even the smallest of flies but everything was going fine. That was, of course, until they got our class in a semi-circle to give club announcements. At that point, Dakota and Cheyenne were directly across from each other and yet a couple of dozen feet apart. So, as one of the instructors was talking, here are the Lab Brats talking to each other across the class. A howling-like talk with some quick high-pitched barks thrown in just to let us know that they weren't happy and wanted each other. A quick tug of their leash would stop them but only for a few seconds until the other one started. Back and forth they went for a good 10 minutes and everyone kept snickering but didn't let the Lab Brats know how entertaining they were.

This is exactly why we decided to continue their obedience training. The Lab Brats are . . . well . . . brats! When it comes to each other, commands are thrown out the door and their mind is focused on getting to each other. So, my friends, it seems like this further dog training is going to be tiresome but well worth it in the end. Thank goodness it is twice a week because although we think it is great that they love each other so, they keep forgetting that we are the ones that feed them and therefore maybe they should start listening to us. Let's hope they understand by Wednesday's training that the class is supposed to be seen and not heard. (laugh)



Anonymous dog house noah said...

It's good that your Labs get the chance to be trained not just inside the 4 corners of the House but in open fields. It's good that they also get to interact with other dogs during training

October 23, 2007 7:16 AM  

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