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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Time for a Change

Let's Go! Chocolate LabIt's time for a change in schedule. You see, the Lab Brats think that just because mommy works from home all day that they can request play time (continuously), demand that they be let outside when they want to (in and out and in and out and... so on) and that mommy is here just to entertain them. Well, things are changing in this Lab house and the humans are coming back in control; starting with a new schedule for the Lab Brats.

No more in and out all day. They now get out for a walk in the morning, then get fed, and then let outside some more before daddy heads to work. Then they are indoors for the rest of the day until 5pm. Trust me, it isn't an easy schedule to do so I have to slowly wean them to the new schedule - starting with slowly making their afternoon "outside time" later and later. It is a slow progression because they have to get used to going to the bathroom at set times and being a little less demanding.

Why am I doing this? First, because Dakota and Cheyenne are trying out for the alpha role in the house and that position is already taken by yours truly. They will bug me while I am on the computer by pushing their toys into my lap or performing this high pitched barking/opera behind me to get my attention. When that doesn't work, Dakota will start pawing at the water bottle change jar on the floor to get my attention.

Worse, they do this at night as well. Daddy will come home, play with them for an hour and it will still not be enough. Yes, I know they need more activity and right now I am waiting for information on getting Cheyenne into Flyball and Dakota into Tracking. But, while we wait, it is time for the humans to get their house back and let the Lab Brats know who is in charge! Even if it sends them howling!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great site...I come here often. :)

I totally feel your pain. I have two lab brats of my own that like to make it difficult for mommy to work at home.

The toys and the bark opera are very familiar. Stella (my yellow) likes to take it a step farther, she'll just butt her big ol'head in between me and the keyboard tray! When all else fails, Brodie (my choco) likes to stand up and rest his front paws on the back of my desk chair.

Sometimes I think I've got coon dogs instead of labs because I definitely feel like I've been "treed". :) But I love'em both anyway.

Best of luck on making the change.

September 20, 2007 7:40 AM  
Blogger Meesh said...

Well after reading your blog-I think you have answered my question about whether to get my 10 month old chocolate boy, Chester, a playmate to help relieve his endless energy. Sounds like it might just multiply the chaos that he can create. Yep, sounds like he is a "normal" lab with all the curiosity and boundless energy that goes along with them. One cool part is that I've lost about 13 lbs. in the 9 months that we've had him-no wonder with all the walks we go on!!! I will keep looking here often for any and all advice to how to entertain Ches without killing myself!!

September 21, 2007 11:30 AM  

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