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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Not So Innocent Pup

Chocolate Lab DogI try and try but nothing seems to work. Dakota thinks she is just too cute for words. So much so, that she has to come into the bedroom while I am changing in the morning and place her head on the edge of the bed. She just rests her head on the opposite side of the bed and looks at me with those sad and drooping eyes. Who could resist such a face?

It wouldn't be so bad except Dakota wants to make herself look exceptionally cute and irresistible. How? Well, when mommy isn't paying attention, Dakota will head into the kitchen and get herself a bit of water. Alright, she is Dakota so there is no "small amount" of anything. If you haven't read a small fact about Dakota in our blog thus far, let me share a little secret with you - Dakota dips all over her chin in the water while drinking and when she lifts her head, it is like Niagara Falls! Hence, we have indoor/outdoor floor mats under both her and Cheyenne's elevated bowls. (Cheyenne doesn't really need them as she is more of a delicate drinker but sometimes Dakota will use her water bowl when no one is looking so we have to be prepared.)

So, back to what I was saying. Dakota decides that since daddy is busy and won't be there to wipe her mouth after she is done getting a "small" drink, she will go and visit mommy in the bedroom right away. (You can see where this is heading, can't you?) She then walks into the room in a way where I can't see her face on the other side of the bed until she sweetly lays here head on the bed and stares over at me.

At first my heart melts and then my brain kicks in. Wait a minute! Why is she leaving her head on my good comforter so long? Holy chocolate Batman! She just drank water!!! She's done it again!

With one leg in my pants, I hobble over to Dakota as she dashes out of the room laughing. (Yes, I truly think she is laughing at me at this point) What do my eyes behold but a huge wet spot the size of my husband's shoe on the edge of my beautiful dark blue comforter!

I wonder if it is Dakota's way of saying that she would rather high quality fabric dog towels then our old beat up hand-me-down bath towels we currently use. Figures nothing is good enough for the "Queen". Well, except for my high end bedding!



Anonymous jan said...

How cute!! You would almost think dogs had a manuel to tell them ways to look irresistable and adorable while pulling one over on humans. I could not resist that face on the comforter.

September 27, 2007 10:32 AM  

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