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Monday, September 17, 2007

Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde-Lab

I have come up with a new nickname for our beloved Dakota; Dr. Jekyll, Ms. Hyde-Lab! (laugh)

One minute she is a normal Labrador Retriever; giving you those Sad Sam type of eyes and giving you kisses. Once you break out the tennis balls or squeaky toy (usually a Cuz), Dakota is gone and replaced by Ms. Hyde-Lab! She becomes a savage and obsessive beast! It is like she has been replaced by the body snatchers and for that reason I would call her a Pod Dog but it goes beyond that.

You see, she feels the need to run around the house grabbing every tennis ball or squeaky that exists! It doesn't matter how her mouth is only equipped to carry a couple of toys at one time. Nope! Not Dakota! Her mouth is unnatural as she now able to extend it to fit not 1, 2, or 3 balls but 4 tennis balls in her mouth at once!! Now, don't get me wrong, she isn't a Mastiff and wasn't bred with a hamster or a snake so she has the normal English Labrador Retriever mouth. She is just able to shove all in her mouth.

Dakota: Chocolate Lab with Football
On top of that, she will taunt her little sister, Cheyenne, with the toys. She will pile them all in front of her, with her paws around those that she cannot fit into her mouth and open the space between her paws only slightly to allow Cheyenne to *think* she has a chance to get even one to play with. When Cheyenne goes for the bait, Dakota will wrap her arms and paws around them tightly and lower her head on top of them. It reminds me of kids that spread their Halloween candy across the dining table to show their little sibling what a haul they made and then throw their bodies on top of it when the sibling goes to grab a piece.

It is like she is no longer our sweet girl. She doesn't bite, snarl, or get aggressive with them at all! Just hogs all the toys and then taunts you to try and grab one successfully. What a brat! (LOL)

Curious - Does this sound like your dog?



Blogger Wesley and Lillly said...

"Curious- Does this sound like your dog?"
YES!!! Dakota (or Dr. Jekyll, Ms. Hyde-Lab) sounds just like my Lilly! Lilly is a 15 month old, 3/4 Lab 1/4 Border Collie and has that exact personality/play style. She is perfect cuddle baby one moment, but switches in an instant to crazy hyper girl who is leaping off the walls and furniture with her toys. And, she has to taunt her 2 yr old Lab brother, Wesley with her toys by sitting down right next to him and then quick, once he wants one, grabbing them all up and running for her life. And, not only that, but if Wesley has ANY toy ANY time, Lilly HAS to go over to him and steal it away, even if she doesn't play with it, she just sits on it instead. Anything to keep it away from her brother. But they love each other :) Lilly is such a sweetheart, but a bit of a brat too ;) Sounds just like Miss Dakota.

September 18, 2007 10:39 PM  
Blogger Shannon said...

Yep! Exactly like Dakota with one small exception. If Cheyenne ends up with Dakota's fav toy, Dakota will keep looking at daddy and I in a very sulking manner - like she is dying inside without her fav toy (usually a Cuz). As soon as Cheyenne's attention is diverted, Dakota will quickly snatch the toy and run off with it. She is such a brat! LOL

Glad we are not alone. :)

September 19, 2007 8:12 AM  

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