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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Dog Dominance

I have two spayed female labs. One is 5, one is 2+. They play, eat, hunt, sleep do everything together until 3 days ago when the older female mounted the younger dog, and they had to be dragged apart with some good puncture bite wounds etc.The older dog has been dormant, but the two year old is getting bolder, with stealing toys etc. The older dog never seemed to mind this behavior until Bloody Sunday.

We now have to keep the older dog on a leash for fear she will hurt the younger dog. We have walked them together, and if they both are occupied they seem OK outside. With no distractions, the older dog is constantly checking out the younger and will posture and try to mount again if we don't stop her ... Will I have to give one of these dogs up?


This is definitely a dominance issue. Here, read this article on Lab Sibling Rivalry. You need to understand the pack order and how to help square away the order within your house. I don't see any reason why you would need to give either of them up as it is an easy situation to handle - if handled correctly.I hope it helps! Keep us up to date!

Lab smiles,



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