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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Leaky Bladder

I just hate it when I have another Labrador Retriever medical topic to blog about. Usually it means that one of the Lab Brats is suffering something and we get to spend another couple of hours at the vet. Although it is usually Cheyenne, this time it is Dakota.

Dakota has once again began to clean her privates more so than usual. This time though, my husband caught the culprit. Dakota's leaking urine while in a laying down position. No, she isn't having housebreaking problems, she is not even noticing it until it is too late and she tries to clean herself to get rid of the evidence. She can be sleeping and all of a sudden wake up to clean herself. Unfortunately, this may be the sign of a bladder infection.

Lucky for us, we have a vet appointment already set up for next weekend so that she can get her regular hip dysplasia check with a blood check to make sure that her Metacam medication for her hips isn't causing anything bad such as liver damage. So, my husband has until next Saturday to get a pie plate for an early morning urine specimen from Dakota right before our appointment. Lucky for us, we have girls. I could only imagine my husband trying to chase around a male dog at 5am, in the Wisconsin cold, to collect a fresh urine sample! LOL



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let me know how it turns out our female Sarah is only 13 weeks old but just like you describe she leaks and doesn't even realise it or she tries cleaning her self up to hide it but you can see the trail as she walks and she just got off a ten day antibiotic treatment so I am waiting to see what you find.

February 16, 2009 8:19 PM  

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