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Friday, March 16, 2007

Coat Blowout Season!

No, we aren't have a blowout sale on our coats, rather, we are having coats that are blowing out!

Everyone will tell you; if you want a dog that doesn't shed, don't get a Labrador Retriever. For those that don't have Labs, please listen to these people! A once tidy and clean house can be covered in dog fur within hours - especially when the spring season arrives! Last season wasn't so bad because Cheyenne was just a puppy so we just had Dakota blowing her coat. Oops - let me step back here. "Blowing their coat" means that they are shedding their underlining of winter fur in their coats. Labrador Retrievers have a very dense fur with an outer layer that is water repellent and another layer below that keeps them warm. When the spring hits, there is no more need for the under layer of fur - so, it starts to come off in early spring.

Well, it is early spring and we have shedding! Even with vacuuming every two days, my Dyson Animal 14 vacuum cleaner just can't keep up. We joke that every time we empty the canister, it looks like we are throwing away a Lab puppy because there is just so much fur!

Not only that - when I say it is everywhere, I mean it is EVERYWHERE! I haven't had one meal in the last few weeks that I haven't gotten to the table and found a piece of dog hair on it! It is on our stove, in our refrigerator, on our couches, in our shower - you name it, it is there! No! We don't live in a dirty house - I clean it from top to bottom every other day! Dog fur is buried in every small space and corner it can find. On top of that, there was a huge clump of loose fur hanging from Dakota's rear end just the other day! It is coming out it droves and taking over our life!

So, the question begs - would I rather a life without Labs in order to keep my house from getting overrun with dog fur during the "coat blowing" season? No way! Labs are my life! These Labs are my life! Heck, if I didn't love them so much, it would be an easy excuse to get rid of them. These Lab Brats aren't going anywhere - they are staying right here - butt clumping fur and all!

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