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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Gotta Love Doggy Daycare!

The Lab Brats left early this morning; on their way to a new doggy daycare. For those that remember, the Labs once enjoyed their days at a local daycare but had to be removed due to continuous problems with kennel cough and other illnesses. Needless to say, we made sure the next place would be better maintained, had more room, and was run by very knowledgeable staff. After months of being on a waiting list, Dakota and Cheyenne are now enjoying one day per week at the Central Bark Doggy Daycare in Waukesha.

It was around 12pm, when I couldn't stand it anymore. Even though I was hard at work, our house was empty and I so wondered if the brats were okay. One call to the doggy daycare and the words "Your dogs are doing wonderfully! They are so well behaved. You are so lucky!" Wow! The Lab Brats are well behaved and I am lucky. I guess counting the multiple puppy tooth scars I have all over my body from the months of training were well worth it. My pups are enjoying a well-deserved day of frolicking in the sun and I am enjoying the opportunity to work in peace and quiet. Thank you girls for being well behaved and not giving them a reason to kick you out on your first day! I can't wait until they come home, demand their food, and crash for the next 48 hours straight from exhaustion!



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