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Friday, March 02, 2007

Free Dog Toys!

Ever see parents spend a lot of money on toys that their children just toss aside only for their kid to turn around and play with the box it came in? Well, Labrador Retrievers are the same way!

After having their normal play time this morning with daddy, they kept staring at me while I was finishing up getting ready for work. They have such sad faces when I go to work that it just breaks my heart. So, I turned around and grabbed a couple of empty gallon milk jugs off the top of the fridge and threw them into the living room. Play time was on!

Yep! Our dogs love clear plastic bottles, containers, and jugs. The thicker the plastic, the better! They run around the room like it is the bestest toy in the world. Cheyenne will "butt tuck" with it, throw it up in the air and try to catch it. Dakota will run into a corner (keep away) and if you don't chase her, she will lay don't and shred it - piece by little piece. Not to worry, neither pup chews on it for too long and they do not eat any pieces - they just love to play with it.

Once they were done, it was time to call our for a trade. Both Labs come running up to me in the kitchen, with jugs in their mouths and a Lab smile on their face. As I reached for their special treats, they then laid the jugs at my feet so I could toss them in the recycle bin.

For free, you get at least 20 minutes of play time and don't have to worry if they destroy the plastic container because it is going to be thrown out any way. Allowing them, as a major chewing breed, to get their chew on something we don't care about, satisfies their craving to chew and items like our slippers and furniture go another day without harm!

Try it with your Lab for free! Just remember it is important to remove all the caps, plastic bands, labels, and any other parts that your dog may choke on or cut them. Never give your dog a metal container or anything with sharp edges or made of a hazardous material! You don't want to turn play time into vet time!



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