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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Who's Bleeding?

Blood is not something you want to see wherever your dog has been. Unfortunately, we have been seeing spots of blood here and there over the freshly fallen snow and just last night, there was blood on my sleeve after playing around with Dakota & Cheyenne. Originally, we had thought that someone had broken a nail since both Labs have their dew claws already removed. Upon a closer look, we couldn't find anything.

Now we suspect that one of them is bleeding from her mouth. Since the girls are very laid back, they don't mind us poking and prodding their mouths. Our inspection has left us more confused because there is no bleeding gums nor broken teeth. We are not stumped. Does that mean we are going to stop playing how we normally do with our brats? No way! They would drive us crazy if we didn't alleviate the Lab boredom and bounds of energy! For now, we will just have to wait and see. With Labrador Retrievers, these things happen and often resolve themselves. If, however, it gets worse or there is more blood, then to the vet we shall be calling! Until then, play, play, play my little Labrador Brats for a tired Lab is a good Lab!

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