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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Dog Tips and Advice

We are happy to announce that no dog is left out! Mommy has now added a section to highlighting Dog Tips and Advice. Why? Because we know how important reliable dog information is on the Internet and since we already had the Labrador Retriever articles on, we felt it only fair to include all of our canine friends - regardless of color, breed, or design. So go and check it out now here!

Mommy is working hard to populate it right now so please keep checking back for new tips and advice every week. We are getting the information to mommy as fast as we cant but her poor little human fingers just can't keep up! (She needs paws!)

Oh! And don't forget to send her an email at shan[at] with any tips and advice topics that you would like to see!

Lab smiles,
Dakota & Cheyenne



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